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Hızlı Erişim
Editorial Office

At the documents department, operations as classifying all kinds of documents arriving our presidency, checking them in, and serving incoming documents to authorized personnel and their recorded delivery, filling and recordation of outgoing documents, incoming from presidency unit and the ones to be sent via postal route by taking to the post office and the ones to go local units by charge, are done. Moreover, we operate as courier to gain time for document flow between departments. Incoming and outgoing documents are started to be drawn up on computer platform since 01/01/2003 and it is achieved to reach the documents in a safer, quicker and more economized way.
Text documents from the Rectorate to the University's Business Writing Office referred to the inscriptions and correspondence, follow-up and concluding with the unit records and filing incoming and outgoing documents are processed.
Hall, On the ground floor of Rectorate serving as a dining room is a place of Institute Archives. This area was identified 175 m2 to 100 wooden wardrobe with shelves placed sixth in the Institution Library archive documents prepared and institutions have been taken since 2008.
"Regulation on State Archive Services" in the amendments made in 2008, public institutions and organizations (including universities) to the central and provincial archives services in accordance with the aforementioned regulations, institutions and organizations are the repeal of the regulations and directives. This Regulation was repealed on previously published University Archive Services, University Archive Services Authority Regulation on and the unit is carried out according to the state archives.
Institute Archives, the archives of the university units documents to be delivered and placed and paperwork completing waiting time and documents are kept in an archive in case of need through the utilization of staff assigned to the submission , Extract the Archive and Disposal Authority was created by the Presidency Commission considered necessary the use and conservation of material extraction and disposal in accordance with the relevant regulations to the year, information on its operations in the archive "Archive Services Annual Report" and sent to the General Directorate of State Archives in January of the calendar year, archive services and activities and implementing operations are performed.
Editor in Chief İsmail ALKAN
Tel: 0 (438) 212 12 12
Internal(Secretary): 1260
e-mail: ismailalkan@hakkari.edu.tr
Mailing Adress: Zeynel Bey Yerleşkesi, Kıran Mahallesi , Hakkari Üniversitesi Rektörlüğü, Merkez / Hakkari 30000