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Hızlı Erişim
•› 02.01.2014 Read more
Scholarships Facilities Provided to Students of Our Country by Masdar Institute in Abu Dhabi
In the article received from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs registered with the number in the reference
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Question Preparation for SPL Licensing Exams (to the attention of the academics)
SPL (Capital Market Licensing, Registration and Education Organization) is set to move the licensing exams which are being made in multiple choice test formats in 12 provinces in printed media,
•› 03.12.2013 Read more
Call for Support the Activity That Will Be Held Within Turkish-German Science Year
TÜBİTAK-BIDEB will financially support developing mutual research projects,
•› 04.11.2013 Read more
TÜBİTAK-FWO Joint Project Call for Proposal
It has been informed by The Head of the Scientific and Technological Research Council of Turkey
•› 04.11.2013 Read more
ISC (D-8) Scholarship Announcement
In the article received from The Head of the Scientific and Technological Research Council of Turkey
•› 04.11.2013 Read more
Malaysian Technical Cooperation Program
The brochure and the application form provided under the Malaysian
•› 04.11.2013 Read more
Weekly Schedule and Contact Information of Hakkari FFE (Faculty of Far Education) Consulting Services
•› 11.12.2013 Read more
Jean Monnet Scholarship Programme
Application for Jean Monnet Scholarship Programme for 2014-2015 Academical Year has begun.
•› 13.12.2013 Read more
TÜBİTAK Newsletter e-Magazine
TÜBİTAK Newsletter, which includes TÜBİTAK activities, support programmes, current announcements, and our researchers’
•› 16.12.2013 Read more
Announcement for CSD III – Media Grant Program Independent Evaluator
Before attending the EU, within a program carried out by The Ministry of EU, within Financial Support Organ, “Civil Society Dialogue between the EU and Turkey III – Media Grant Program”