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Hızlı Erişim
•› 01.06.2015 Read more
Quality Management System Education In Our University Started
Within the body of our university’s Rectorship, in the Quality Management System Coordinatorship; the education on “TSE ISO 9001 Quality Management System” started.
•› 02.05.2016 Read more
A Technical Tour Was Organized With Students Of Our University’s Environment Health Department Students
•› 02.07.2015 Read more
Ceremony of Certificate Conferring for The Attendees of “Elderly and Patient Care Training”
•› 03.02.2015 Read more
The Chief Public Prosecutor Visited Our Rector
Hakkari Chief Public Prosecutor Ercan Türkol visited our Rector Prof. Dr. Ebubekir Ceylan in his new office.
•› 03.10.2013 Read more
Forest Saplings Sent From Eğirdir To Hakkari
•› 03.12.2014 Read more
The Representative of TRT Van News Agency Visited Our Rector
TRT Van News Agency representative Fattah ERDURUR visited our Rector Prof. Dr. Ebubekir CEYLAN in his office.
•› 04.05.2016 Read more
The Chairman of the Higher Education Council Met With the Rectors In the Region
•› 04.12.2013 Read more
Thousands of saplings have been planted
Thousands of saplings have reached to soil by The Tree Planting Festival which was started by our university by the motto “a more green Hakkâri, a more green world” .
•› 05.01.2016 Read more
Our Project Based On Multicultural and Multireligious Dialogue was Accomplished
“United Approach” was a Key Action 1 Youth Mobility Project within Erasmus + Programme and it was funded by Polish National Agency.
•› 05.04.2016 Read more
Ministry of Development Deputy Minister Yusuf Coskun, Visited Our University